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Tin Ceilings Huge presses to stamp ORIGINAL designs.
Chelsea Decorative Metal Company manufactures Tin Ceilings. This massive manufacturing machine stamps at 600 tons of pressure for a beautiful detailed stamping. The newer manufacturers stamp only 2' x 2' size sheets, while we are one of the few manufactures that stamp 2' x 4' sheets. Still easy to install, but has less seams. Great for a back splash where sometimes two of our sheets will cover the whole area. We always recommend getting samples to help you choose the best company.
Tin Ceilings 600 ton pressure for quality stampings.
Here's the gauge from our oldest press, which we use to manufacture the tin sheets every single day. This power enables us to stamp evenly across the entire 2' x 4' sheet. The 2' x 4' sheets are the original size of the dies, but early on, manufacturers that offered 2' x 8' sheets were just stamping the tin sheets twice. The Tinman originally install those sheets with his father. But when Chelsea started manufacturing, he decided that 8' long sheets were just to hard to handle. The 2' x 4' sheets were a great compromise, easy to install, yet covers a nice area.
Tin Ceilings Knowledgeable consultants.
We also manufacture the 2' x 2' sheets for "suspended ceilings" also known as "drop-in ceilings". These sheets are really 23 3/4" X 23 3/4". These Tin Ceiling sheets were not originally made for these type of ceilings, but some jobs need to have access, and the market for these type of ceilings have grown. We also manufacture some designs in the 2' x 2' for nail up, those are really 24 1/2" x 24 1/2" because of the over lap. 
Tin Ceilings Skilled employees.
Our manufacturing method enables us to purchase the sheets already cut, but since there is not one size that fit every design, we then cut each sheet to a specific size for each pattern. There is a different pull on the metal that varies for each of the 3", 6", 12" and 24" designs. And, of course, the cornices and molding vary also. Here's Robert cutting on one of our many machines.
Tin Ceilings Tin-plated steel: Thickness of .010 just like the original sheets.
The sheets we use are Tin Plated Steel, NOT plastic. The shiny tin finish is excellent for paint retention and we recommend painting directly to the metal with an oil-based paint in any room except a bathroom, where we recommend using a primer. Some people want the shiny finish and so they protect it with urethane or a lacquer (either should be oil-based). Some people protect the metal by painting it silver. It still has that metallic look, but doesn't look so new.
Tin Ceilings Well stocked and shipped daily.
Many orders can go Fedex ground and are packaged safely. Larger order are sent by truck lines and are crated. Since we manufacture, our sheets are readily available for immediate shipping. We get prices for shipping, whether you are interest in next day, 2 day or 3 day delivery. Most orders take four day or less any way. Order before 1:00 pm and we will usually get the order out the same day since we have pick ups every day. Here's Michael loading a crate.
Tin Ceilings Secure packaging so orders arrives safely and promptly.
We have only one location, which is in Houston, Texas, making us centrally located to anywhere in the Great U.S.A. Here is a picture of where we manufacture all our metal products. We combined two separate warehouses into one huge manufacturing facility. I might add, we've come a long way from the Chelsea Area in New York City, where Chelsea Decorative Metal Company got it's start.
Tin Ceilings The only thing better than our quality is our service.
The Tinman is the only person in the business who has actually install the pressed tin ceilings himself. He did it in New York with his father. Now he draws diagrams for your specific rooms and discusses them with you or your installers. Both Glenn and Larry give personal attention to every customer that calls whether it's for 1 sheet, 100 sheets or just information.
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